Crest 3D Whitestrips ARCTIC MINT Teeth Whitening Kit 14 days


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Teeth whitening strips with Arctic mint flavor – Crest Arctic Mint.
Crest strips Crest 3D Arctic Mint only 1 time per day and only 30min. A special mint gel is added to the strips, add few drops on the strips each time before using it. An effect that exceeds expectations in just 3 days! The hydrogen peroxide in Crest strips is a safe, tooth whitening agent that breaks down on the surface of teeth into the water and free oxygen. Active free oxygen further breaks down pigmented large organic compounds (tooth stains) into finer, colorless chemical compounds. Crest strips are safe, completely harmless to teeth, fast and effective teeth whitening.
  • Strength 3/5
  • Use 30 minutes a day
  • Package of 14 days treatment (full box)
  • The first effect after a 3 days
  • A special gel that gives a mint taste.
  • Depending on how sensitive your teeth are and what effect you expect, we recommended using from 7 to 14 days
  • Professional-level results, super white smile lasting more than 9 months
  • Removes coffee, wine, and smoking stains
  • Uses the same enamel protection technologies as dentists


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